Corio in search of practice match opponent

Corio in search of practice match opponent

First year Corio coach Andy Challis has revealed his club is in search of an opposition for its practice match later this month.

The Devils were scheduled to host Moyston-Willaura on March 24 only before the Mininera DFL club informed Corio officials that they would be unable to field a football side.

“It’s unfortunate that the football section cannot come down, we understand they had a wedding that weekend so they’ve only just pulled out in the last 24 hours,” Challis explained.


If your club is in search of a practice match please inform club president Kylie Fisher:


Corio’s premiership contending netball side will still host Moyston-Willaura in the meantime with a large crowd expected for the club’s family day.

“We want to bring everyone down to see our netballers as well as the new club as a whole; we want to showcase where we want to go going forward,” Challis said.


“We’ve had some massive changes personnel wise and the committee has taken a stance over what they’d like to see for the future.”

Corio managed just the one win over Challis’ former side East Geelong last year nevertheless the returning Whitley medallist admits he’s already noted the improvement of his squad.

“There has already been heaps of changes from my first couple of sessions having seven to eight guys,” Challis said.

“Now guys are buying in and bringing their mates along with them to the point we have 25-35 guys at training.”

“This is how we are building the club back up and the boys taking the onus on themselves to drive the numbers and the new improved culture expected at the club.”


Challis, who also collected two league best and fairest awards in the AFL London competition, admits he would like to implement the culture he witnessed at Ballarat FL side Darley.

The ball winner helped guide the Magpies to their maiden Ballarat FL premiership in 2015 under the club’s “Champions do extra” philosophy.


“When I was at Darley everyone was made accountable by each other and that’s how we won the flag,” Challis recalled.

“I loved playing there because the professionalism flowed from the field to the dressing room.”

“We drove one another and you’d be at the ground for instance and if you didn’t stick to a tactic we’d do it again.”


“Our league best and fairest Steve Kennedy, who was probably the best player I’ve ever played with, was just as accountable as our 44th player on the list.”

“And now our Corio boys have been more accountable, they have bought gym memberships and have gone on extra runs and joined the netball girls for Sunday night fitness sessions.”

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (06/03/2018)

*Photos by Max Blake (CDFNL Live)

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