GDFL media stalwart Fred Beard saluted by the community

GDFL media stalwart Fred Beard saluted by the community

Hundreds gathered at the Barrabool Hills Baptist Church this morning to pay tribute to longtime GDFL broadcast operator Fred Beard.

The ceremony began with a rendition of the Pine Ridge Boys’ classic “You Are My Sunshine” by his grandson Tarrant before tributes were shared from his children, siblings and long time partner Cheyrl.

Amongst those in attendance were GDFL president Neville Whitley OAM, 94.7fm the Pulse manager Leo Renkin and Corio official Terry Blackney.



GDFL head commentator Jason Doherty was also in attendance with his broadcasting colleagues.

He shared an emotional tribute to the late media stalwart prior to the Winchelsea vs. Bell Post Hill match on Saturday:

Last Saturday we were at East Geelong and something just didn’t feel right for us as the commentary team.

We didn’t have a very good broadcast and I think we were all happy to leave and reset for this week.

However on Sunday we found out the real reason we struggled, the passing of our friend and partner in crime, Fred Beard.

Fred has been a constant source of support and guidance for us as a broadcast team and sitting in the studio listening to our ramblings was a thankless task.

However Fred never complained about the crap that came out of mouths and in fact loved most of it. He and Grubby were especially connected by the fact that Grubby is as down to earth as you can get and so was Fred. They laughed together and at each other most Saturdays.

In the early days Fred and Cheryl would sit in the studio and get all the results from other games, the AFL and anything else they could find and they were an undoubtable force in providing great information to our listeners.

Since the onset of new technology Fred has been able to sit back a bit and enjoy being part of our close knit team and push the right buttons at the right time. All the time.

Imagine Gerard Whateley or James Brayshaw crossing to the studio at half time and hearing Johnny Cash or Slim Dusty blaring out as part of the broadcast. We did and we loved it. Fred was able to bring a new audience to his love of country music, but never agreed with Grubby to play Conway Twitty at half time. For Fred that was a bridge too far on a Saturday afternoon.

Fred’s shoes are enormous to fill, you sometimes don’t know how valuable a team member is until they are gone and we are going to struggle for a while I suggest. So stick with us and we will get it right once again. However it is going take an extraordinary person to cover off what Fred bought to our team and we all will miss him terribly.

We send our love to Cheryl and the family and we let them know that we won’t forget the enormous contribution he has made to the Pulse and in particular the GDFL.


An emotional start for our commentary team remembering the late Fred Beard….

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Just as we have the Eric Nicholls time clock, from today we will commission the Yardz Player of the Day as the Fred Beard Medal as a constant reminder of the great man that was and is Fred Beard.

This Saturday the broadcast team will travel to the Myers Reserve for Bell Post Hill vs. Bannockburn.

Tune in to 94.7fm the Pulse from 1.30pm.

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (05/06/2018)

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