GDFL Round 10 Review: Grundell report sours big win for Hawks

GDFL Round 10 Review: Grundell report sours big win for Hawks

Inverleigh’s 59-point win over Winchelsea has been soured after Whitley medal contender Dalton Grundell was reported for charging Blues’ skipper Alexander Gubbins.

Hawks coach Mark McDowell has confirmed his club will appeal the two match ban so that the 23-year-old will be available for games against Bannockburn and North Geelong.

“Dalton is an explosive player once he’s running and charging,” McDowell explained.

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“I need to go and have a look at the footage before I make a comment; maybe his lead was a little bit late but I’m not too sure at this stage.”

He added, “He’s a fair player, he always has been and everyone around the league knows that.”

The Hawks trailed Winchelsea 0.1 (1) to 3.2 (20) before Grundell responded with a running goal straight after the first break.

Though he would be sent off moments later (when attempting to spoil’s Gubbins’ mark) it would be at this stage where the Hawks would kick start a run of 11 straight goals.

And the Hawks would eventually consolidate their spot on top of the table with a handy 16.11 (104) to 7.6 (48) win.

“We’re still very happy with the win,” McDowell said.

“Winchelsea had a three goal break on us so it was a credit to them because they had us scrambling early.”


“We steadied the ship with three solid quarters after that.”

Inverleigh star forward Jak Kennedy Hunt watched on from the sidelines as Blake Hutchison found three goals in the second term then Michael Best landed two in the next term.

Simon Seddon also finished with an accurate six goals while Justin Baxter and Justin Di Blasio showcased a dominant display of defence on the other end.

“I don’t care what other clubs say; we have a crystal clear vision of what we want to achieve and we’re going to do everything we can to win it,” he added.

“With that said, it’s still Round 10 and we’ve still got to play out the rest of the season with an aim of remaining in the top three.”

While Winchelsea were missing eight of their best 22 players second year coach Brendan Forssman was still disappointed with the final margin.

“It wasn’t so much the loss but the fact that they got away by that much,” Forssman said.

“If they’re the benchmark then we are a little bit off that but we still have another eight weeks to keep plugging away.”

The Blues’ final score line of 7.6 (48) was the side’s lowest for the year (previously 71 against Werribee).

This was partly due to the absence of Will Ford who suffered his first knee injury moments after landing the game’s opening goal.

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“We made an adjustment and he (Ford) wanted to come back on but at three quarter time we weren’t going to risk him anymore,” Forssman added.


After a draw and two defeats by a kick Werribee found themselves on the winning end of another close finish in its 11.17 (83) to 11.16 (82) win over Belmont Lions.

The Centurions found six goals to three in the final term as Tasmanian recruit Nick Bauld snapped the winner on the clubrooms end of the Civilex Oval.

“The blokes we brought in gave it everything they had which was good,” Belmont Lions coach Ash Witney said.

The Lions held the Centurions to a single goal in the opening half despite the absence of Brodie Edge (ankle), Alex Hann (unavailable), Mitchell Boal (shoulder) and Adam Beath (eye).

“Darcy Keegan has been a revelation ever since he came down and we put Tyler Jones in the best players as well,” he said.

“Yeah, Tyler kicked his five goals but it was also his hunt for the footy when it hit the deck but unfortunately there had to be a loser.”

Teenage debutant Brock Mahoney may have also done enough to hold his spot in the senior side.


For the second week in a row Daniel Freeman has handed Thomson a narrow win when holding off Geelong West 9.9 (63) to 8.9 (57).

After landing five goals last week against Werribee, including a late winner, he added to his legend at the Godfrey Street Oval with a match winning goal from 60m on the scoreboard end.

North Geelong could have also ended its recent hoodoo over rival Bell Post Hill when landing seven of this afternoon’s opening ten goals at the Keith Barclay Oval.

However the Panthers were able to withstand the home side to record an impressive seven-point win.

A scoring shot differential of 41 to 16 would be enough for Anakie destroy Corio by 130-points while Bannockburn recorded a fifth straight win against East Geelong.

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (16/06/2018)

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