GDFL Round 11 Review: Two reports and Seven injuries at Inverleigh clash

GDFL Round 11 Review: Two reports and Seven injuries at Inverleigh clash

Inverleigh has added to its title as GDFL premiership favourite, this time by knocking back rival Bannockburn by 58-points.

Jak Kennedy Hunt made an unexpected return with an early goal, a few marks and eight disposals.

However the Hawks would be left without a bench in today’s physical affair which also saw Inverleigh star Michael Best and Brent Jacques (Bannockburn) reported for striking in separate incidents.

“It was probably the most physical game that we’ve had all year so it was good that we were able to stand up to that physical pressure,” Inverleigh coach Mark McDowell said.

Simon Seddon (hamstring), Justin Baxter (corky) and James Huybens (knocked teeth) were all out of action in the final quarter when Jordan Drew was rushed to hospital with concussion.

By this time Rob Logue (rib) and Jack Fiolet (knock) were able to play on through the pain thanks to the home side’s six-goal to one second-term.

Yet such was the dominance of the Hawks’ remaining ball winners from Toby Manganelli and Nathan Mayes (who kicked five goals) that McDowell found it hard to name a best six.

Three best small forwards to play the game #wanganeen #mayes #grubby

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“We had about ten players to pick without anyone really standing out as the best and even Brandon Nankivell played a great role on Jacques,” he added.

“Billy Cations has also really held up down back as well.”

Seddon (who finished with 28 disposals) and Best will join captains Justin Di Blasio (hamstring) and Ryan Garrard (glute) on the sidelines.

“Once we get our full list on the park I don’t think too many people will be wanting my job,” McDowell laughed.

“We’ve been thinking that we were close to our best 22 all year but again we couldn’t quite field it today so hopefully it will be ready come finals time.”

While Best has accepted a one week suspension, Bannockburn senior co-coach Peter Riccardi admits the Tigers will challenge Jacques’ charge “for striking an unknown player”.

“I didn’t see what he did but he reckons he (Jacques) got hit that many times and then we returned onto the ground he was the one who was reported,” Riccardi recalled.

The incident took place in a congested scuffle just metres away from Riccardi and Milburn after the three quarter time siren by which time the former Cats duo intervened.

“We’ll have a look at the incident but at the time we had to just fly the flag (as every club does) and focus on the final term,” he explained.

He continued, “It was simply guys pumping their chests out saying ‘I’m tougher than you’ and nothing else to it.”

“We just calmed the boys down because no one is going to win from it, its footy it’s not Wrestlemania 35’.”

Bannockburn will now play Corio but will most likely be without Tim Arklay who suffered a knee injury in the third term.

“They (Inverleigh) obviously deserved to win but I thought we competed pretty well and you couldn’t question our effort I don’t reckon,” he said.

Other winners included East Geelong, Thomson, Geelong West, Bell Post Hill while Winchelsea’s 116-point win over Corio was inspired by a ten goal haul from former Geelong ruckman Mark Blake.

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (23/06/2018)

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