GDFL Round 8 Review: Can you smell what the Blues are cooking?

GDFL Round 8 Review: Can you smell what the Blues are cooking?

Winchelsea put an end to its eight year drought over Bell Post Hill this afternoon thanks to a convincing 50-point win over the reigning premier.

While the Panthers were missing key players the Blues still took control from the opening term before recording 13 consecutive forward entries after the main break.



Now the GDFL world will have to wait two weeks before the new contender hosts the premiership favourite (Inverleigh) in what’s likely to be a top of the table clash.

“We understand that it’s only Round 8 and that there’s still a lot of footy to be played over the next 10-12 weeks,” Winchelsea coach Brendan Forssman said.

“But today gives the boys a bit of confidence that our best footy is right around the mark.”

Second year defender Alexander Gubbins proved versatile off back recording 14 disposals in the opening term alone to help secure his side’s 23-point lead in the opening term.

He would be named in the side’s best alongside young ruckman Kyle Brookes, Caleb Brown, Heath Walsh and prominent ball winner Joshua Carracher who turns 36 this month.

“He’s (Gubbins) been leading by example each week and he and Clinton Place do a great job as co-captains,” Forssman added.

Bell Post Hill has been dealt with a blow following the shoulder injury of their captain Cam Addie.

The 30-year-old copped a bump in friendly fire before the main break.

Though he would return on the field he would sit out of the final term by which time Winchelsea recruit Will Ford had brought his tally to 31 goals (by kicking 4.1) as equal GDFL leader.

“I thought Will played well but he probably dropped a few marks that he’d normally take,” he added.

“Our forwards are all mobile so it’s important that we’re all on the move and we didn’t want to just be standing there engaging in a wrestle.”

“We’re not reliant on Will, we’ve had a good spread of goal-kickers so if Will has a quiet day then we have other guys that can pop up and kick a few goals as well.”

On the other end Michael Bourdouvalis, Jacob Hernan, Dougal Morrison, Daniel Harding and the returning Matt Worland kept the Panthers to one of their lowest scores in recent memory.

An emotional start for our commentary team remembering the late Fred Beard….

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The Blues will now welcome back Matt Costello (finger) in exchange for Fergus Inglis (ankle) when aiming for a club record eighth straight win over East Geelong next weekend.

“The most important game of our season is next week against East Geelong so it’s really important that we make sure we’re ready to go.”



Winchelsea: W. Ford 4, M. Sprigg 2, H. Walsh 2, J. Carracher 2, B. Kahle, D. Tucker,
J. Fama, T. Berg, F. Inglis.

Bell Post Hill: J. Ettridge 2, M. James, J. Page, J. Carlin, A. Sulics, J. Tarr,
L. Horan.



Winchelsea: A. Gubbins, K. Brookes, C. Brown, H. Walsh, J. Carracher, D. Harding.

Bell Post Hill: A. Sulics, T. Barton, J. Dosen, D. Walve, B. McNamara, S. Lymer.


MEANWHILE Anakie celebrated its maiden win of the season thanks to a 25-point win over East Geelong. GDFL Interleague ruckman Luke Wilson returned to land two goals as the Roos secured nine of the final 12 goals of the game.

Bannockburn recruit Jake Myles also made a gallant return when kicking seven majors in the Tigers’ 63-point thumping of Belmont. Matt Tyquin was again named best for the finals contender.

Werribee broke its seven year drought over North Geelong after trailing the home side throughout the first half while Inverleigh and Thomson rounded out the winners list.

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (02/06/2018)

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