Panthers top the ladder…. again (Updated March edition)

Panthers top the ladder…. again (Updated March edition)

Bell Post Hill’s success has continued over the off season when topping the GDFL’s inaugural social media ladder.

Inspired by a similar comparison of AFL sides, a recent study indicated that the reigning premiers have the most combined Facebook, Twitter & Instagram followers in the league.


Only the Geelong West Giants, who also cater for an AFL Barwon entity, joined Bell Post Hill combining for 2000+ followers on social media.


Team                          Facebook                     Instagram                     Twitter                    Overall Followers

Bell Post Hill                     1487                                  553                                 257                                 1. 2297
Geelong West**               1422                                  578                                 114                                 2. 2114
Bannockburn*                  1305                                  554                                  49                                  3. 1908
Winchelsea*                       879                                   230                                 511                                 4. 1620
Thomson                           1128                                  188                                  289                                 5. 1605
Werribee*                         1208                                  116                                 155                                 6. 1479
Anakie                                884                                   550                                      7                                7. 1441
Inverleigh                         1013                                   203                                183                                8. 1399
East Geelong                     621                                    402                                 243                                9. 1266
Belmont                             992                                    N/A                                232                              10. 1224
Corio                                   734                                    191                                  59                                11. 984
North Geelong                   615                                    229                                  N/A                            12. 844

* Club may also have a seperate junior social media page.
** Geelong West also participates in the Geelong FNL governed by AFL Barwon.

The study showcased the Panthers as the leading club on Facebook while on Instagram the club was joined by Bannockburn, Anakie and Geelong West in the 500+ followers club.

While these feats may appear miniscule to some, the tally was fitting for Bell Post Hill social media editor Tegan Jolly.

“Social media is taking over everything so it is the best way to market and communicate to your club,” Jolly explained.

“This is a very important time of the year because you want to attract new members and players and it allows everyone to see what others have decided to do.”

She added, “You try and get all the sections of the club presented and social media allows players feedback.”

“It’s a sense of involvement that keeps the club flowing and it’s not just us because Inverleigh has also created a new website and we’ve been very impressed with how professional it looks.”


Jolly also paid tribute to her club’s reining senior premiership coach Brad Martin.

“You might not believe this but Brad does just as much work with our social media and he has so much passion for it.”


Our Senior Football Coach Brad Martin 👌🏻 #bphpanthers

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“He’s the senior coach and he won a premiership with the highest of expectations yet he still put all this energy into the social media side of things which has helped us off the field.”

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (27/02/2018)

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