TIGANI’S TOP 20: Star trio miss out again

TIGANI’S TOP 20: Star trio miss out again

Tomorrow morning my top GDFL players ranked from 1. to 20. will be released in the Geelong Advertiser’s “Addy Footy Fix” lift out.

What was initially a list of 60 players was strategically trimmed to a final 20,  forming a dream team of current players varying in age, height, on field positions and leadership roles.

Sadly, for the second straight year, interleague heroes Jake Barlow (Bell Post Hill), Rob Logue and Michael Grozdanovski (Inverleigh) have just missed the cut along with a handful of stars from the Geelong West Giants.

“How could you not have Jake Barlow in it?” asked BPH forward Nick Costello this evening.

“He’s got the best hands in the competition, that’s not just at Bell Post Hill but the entire competition.”

It is important to note that a number of well credentialed players were overlooked from the list due injuries or unavailability so far in 2018.

They include: Caleb Bacely (Bell Post Hill), Alexander Bowles (Thomson), Ashley Brown (East Geelong), Rhys Burke (Bell Post Hill), Bradley Carlton (Werribee Centrals), Matthew Costello (Winchelsea), Scott Galloway (Geelong West), David Holzfeind (Bell Post Hill), Jared Matheson (Thomson), Jamie Pitman (Anakie), Tane Rabbas (Bell Post Hill), Ryan Rich (East Geelong), Dylan Shelley (Corio), Jackson Smith (Winchelsea), Brayden Sneddon (Werribee Centrals), Luke Turner (Bell Post Hill) and Brent Watkins (Belmont Lions).


Honourable mentions:

Jake Barlow (Bell Post Hill)

Position: Utility
9 Goals: 5
Times in best: 5
Age: 24 (born 22/08/1993)

Caleb Brown (Winchelsea)

Position: Midfield
10 Goals: 3
Times in best: 5
Age: 19 (born 22/12/1998)

Rob Logue (Inverleigh)

Position: Midfield
7 Goals: 10
Times in best: 2
Age: 26 (born 01/02/1992)

Brayden Mitchell (Geelong West)

Position: Forward/Midfield
10 Goals: 27
Times in best: 5
Age: 22 (born 09/09/1995)

Thomas Mathieson (North Geelong)

Position: Midfield/Forward
10 Goals: 25
Times in best: 4
Age: 23 (born 09/05/1995)

Andy Challis (Corio)

Position: Midfield
10 Goals: 4
Times in best: 0
Age: 28 (born 04/02/1990)


Others considered:

James Huybens (Inverleigh)

Nathan Mayes (Inverleigh)

Casey Meehan (Inverleigh)

Jason Bourke (Inverleigh)

Dougal Morrison (Winchelsea)

William Ford (Winchelsea)

Joseph Fama (Winchelsea)

Joshua Carracher (Winchelsea)

Tavae Sauni (Winchelsea)

Michael Leamer (Geelong West)

Alex Blair (Geelong West)

Justin White (Geelong West)

Scott Jervies (Geelong West)

Jake Myles (Bannockburn)

Michael Stevenson (Bannockburn)

Nathan Kelly (Bannockburn)

Lincoln Peters (Bannockburn)

Patrick Knott (Bannockburn)

Connor Jervies (Bannockburn)

Adrian Fantella (Bell Post Hill)

Attila Sulics (Bell Post Hill)

Nick Costello (Bell Post Hill)

Shane Lymer (Bell Post Hill)

Daniel Walve (Bell Post Hill)

Matt Lentini (Bell Post Hill)

Troy Fenyvesi (Thomson)

Daniel Freeman (Thomson)

Travis McGuire (Thomson)

Paul Davis (Thomson)

Dave McLeish (Thomson)

Andrew Hodgson (Thomson)

Daryl Chesterman (Werribee)

Nick Bauld (Werribee)

Blake Taylor (Werribee)

Tito Nyawela (Werribee)

Daniel Skinner (Werribee)

Aadyn Sleep Dalton (Werribee)

Beau Runnalls (North Geelong)

Daniel Kee (North Geelong)

Dylan Fisher (North Geelong)

Brent Schwennesen (North Geelong)

Jay Kirwood (Belmont Lions)

Brodie Edge (Belmont Lions)

Nick Sneyd (Belmont Lions)

Alex Hann (Belmont Lions)

Jamie Phillis (Anakie)

Brad Gerrard (Anakie)

Mitchell White (Anakie)

Jacob Ngawati (East Geelong)

Samuel Lowe (East Geelong)

Tim McLennan (East Geelong)

Todd Smith (Corio)

Nick Flaccavento (Corio)



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