Tiger selected for VFL debut while recruits fill Interleague gap

Tiger selected for VFL debut while recruits fill Interleague gap

Former Bannockburn captain Jack Brauman has been selected for Werribee in this morning’s VFL practice match against reigning grand finalist Richmond.

Brauman, who played 104 senior games for the country Tigers from 2012-2017, has been named on a half forward flank and is every chance to line up on one of Richmond’s reigning AFL premiership stars at Punt Road from 10.30am this morning.

The selection comes just days after the former GDFL star announced GFL entity Bell Park as his new interchange club.

“The Werribee coaching staff preferred to have me at Bell Park but in saying that it was very tough leaving Bannockburn,” Brauman revealed.


He added, “I do not want to say that this is a goodbye to Bannockburn, I’ll be back there one day and I really want to see them do well this year.”

Meanwhile, Inverleigh has confirmed the signing of Castlemaine recruit Simon Seddon.

The former Magpie registered 24 goals from 15 games last year while a few years earlier the 29-year-old slotted 10 goals for Labrador in the 2014 QAFL grand final (all registered in the second half).

Brauman’s void left in the GDFL interleague side may just be filled by Seddon along with fellow league recruits Jackson Smith (Werribee former Mount Waverley), Justin Baxter (Inverleigh former Bell Park) and Andy Challis (Corio former West London).


GDFL president Neville Whitley has confirmed the Raiders will host Heathcote DFL at the Keith Barclay Oval (North Geelong FNC) on Saturday May 19.

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (24/02/2018)

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