Urquhart praised by teammate ahead of game 250

Urquhart praised by teammate ahead of game 250

Bell Post Hill defender Shane Lymer admits he’s been spoilt to be a part of the competition’s best back six.

It’s here where the veteran showcases his trademark run alongside GDFL stars Cam Addie, Tim Barton and Beau McNamara as well as emerging talents Daniel Walve and Daniel Gray.

Yet with each Panther premiership in recent years, small defender Will Urquhart often flies under the radar as a result of the 35-year-old’s quiet off field manner.

That was until Lymer found out his longtime teammate clocks up his 250th game tomorrow.

“It’s hard to think of an AFL equivalent for Will because there aren’t many small lock down defenders in the big league,” Lymer admitted.


“We think he’s the best small defender in the GDFL but that’s if you ask us at Bell Post Hill.”

Lymer continued, “We’ll admit that he’s not a Michael Best (Inverleigh) in terms of his ball use but he will stop a BJ Harding, Brent Jacques or even a Rusty (Ryan Garrard).”

“If you ask any of the league’s small forwards I’m sure they’ll tell you that they have nightmares about playing on him.”

Urquhart was absent from the club’s first two senior flags due to travel (and injuries) before playing a vital role in the Panthers’ 2012 triumph over East Geelong.

This would be the turning point of Urquhart’s senior career according to his teammate.

“He was initially a small forward but it wasn’t until he returned to the side where he was thrown back as a permanent back pocket,” Lymer explained.


“Our coach Brent Grgic threw him back there and ever since it’s suited him down the ground with his speed and that competitive streak he’s had.”

“He would have been Grgic’s favourite player because he’d pushed him up on the dangerous small forward each week and then we’d just forget about him (opposing forward).”

While Urquhart has been a solid contributor to Bell Post Hill’s premiership dynasty he did not receive a GDFL team of year mantle until last September.

“I was wrapped for him that night because it’s a tough spot to gain recognition from,” Lymer added.


“We obviously know what he’s capable of and how much we rate him but I’m not too sure how many outside our walls really understand just how good he has been.”

Urquhart and Lymer will hope to add to the Panthers’ long head to head dominance over Geelong West tomorrow.

Since last facing defeat to the Giants in Round 2, 2001 they have won 26 of the past 28 games by an average margin of 101-points (the remaining two games were draws in 2008 and 2017).

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (11/05/2018)

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