Werribee coach reveals new club rule

Werribee coach reveals new club rule

Werribee Centrals coach Nick Smith has revealed that he gathered all club members present on Tuesday night’s training session for a vital declaration.

“We’re not going to be that club that blames the umpires,” Smith stated to the group.

The new team rule came just days after the finals contender conceded seven 50m penalties (two resulting in goals) in the club’s draw with rival Anakie.

The Roos’ scoreboard indicated that the home side had prevailed by a point only for it to be reverted in the Centurions favour for a draw.

“After training we met as a club and we wanted to make an agreement that we weren’t going to be the club that whinges and puts it out there,” he added.


“We want to take the responsibility that it was not the umpires but more of our response to the umpires that cost us in the end.”

He continued, “Social media is the new powerful format and we don’t want any of our supporters or players posting any messages about the umpires.”

“It was a real good close game, they played well and we (clearly) didn’t; I guess the wrong score board at the end just added a little bit of flavour in the end.”

Many Werribee supporters and officials will continue to showcase their loyalty when travelling down the highway to take on second placed Winchelsea.

Smith has confirmed it will be the last time we see key forward Benjamin Leonard who will move to Renmark, South Australia after the interleague break.

“We’re disappointed but he has a very big opportunity that he can’t knock back so without sounding cliché this will create another opportunity for someone on our list,” he added.

The last time these two sides met Luke Cachia would find the winning goal after the siren after two missed set shots moments earlier.


Though there’s every chance this match will again be decided by a point, Cachia (quad) has been ruled out by Smith.

“He (Cachia) got a knock to the same injury on Saturday which was disappointing,” he said.

“Luke might have just been able to crawl over the line but this could be a better opportunity for our ruckman Brayden Sneddon to return after tonight’s training session.”

By Alex Tigani
GDFL Media (10/05/2018)

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