TOP TEN: We list our top defenders so far in 2017

TOP TEN: We list our top defenders so far in 2017

Over 6000 people either viewed and/or responded to our top ten senior defender lists as compiled by members of our commentary team.

Bell Post Hill captain Cam Addie was the number one talent on each list.

After a brief season at Geelong West in 2010, Addie has gone on to establish a remarkable resume at Bell Post Hill.

The defender is a five time premiership player (three as co-captain), six time GDFL Interleague representative (captain in 2017) and a four time GDFL team of the year member.

His current 109-1-11 win/loss record also came to the fore when he was named as the captain of his club’s greatest side of the past 40 years (since inception in 1977).

Addie was joined by his Panther teammates Shane Lymer, Tim Barton as well as Luke Parker (North Geelong) and Nick Walsh (Inverleigh) in all four lists.

Jason Doherty: 1. Cam Addie (BPH), 2. Shane Lymer (BPH), 3. Jack Fiolet (Inverleigh), 4. Luke Parker (North Geelong), 5. Tim Barton (BPH), 6. Tom Parsons (Bannockburn), 7. Will Urquhart (BPH), 8. Nick Walsh (Inverleigh), 9. Paddy Dwyer (Geelong West) and 10. Samuel Jacka (Thomson).

Alex Tigani: 1. Cam Addie (BPH), 2. Shane Lymer (BPH), 3. Joshua Cole (Bannockburn), 4. Luke Parker (North Geelong), 5. Nick Walsh (Inverleigh), 6. Tim Barton (BPH), 7. Jack Fiolet (Inverleigh), 8. Mitch White (Anakie), 9. Darren Mathisen (North Geelong) and 10. Tom Parsons (Bannockburn).

Grubby Cations: 1. Cam Addie (BPH), 2. Luke Parker (North Geelong), 3. Shane Lymer (BPH), 4. Nick Walsh (Inverleigh), 5. Tim Barton (BPH), 6. Samuel Jacka (Thomson), 7. Jack Fiolet (Inverleigh), 8. Will Urquhart (BPH), 9. Mike Best (Inverleigh) and 10. Jacob Ngawati (Bannockburn).

Dale Smythe (no order): Cam Addie, Tim Barton, Shane Lymer and Will Urquhart (BPH), Joshua Cole and Tom Parsons (Bannockburn), Mike Best and Nick Walsh (Inverleigh), Luke Parker (North Geelong) and Jamie Grace (Anakie).

OVERALL: 1. Cam Addie (BPH), 2. Shane Lymer (BPH), 3. Luke Parker (North Geelong), 4. Tim Barton (BPH), 5. Nick Walsh (Inverleigh), 6. Joshua Cole (Bannockburn), =7. Will Urquhart (BPH), Tom Parsons (Bannockburn) and Jack Fiolet (Inverleigh) and 10. Mike Best (Inverleigh).


By Alex Tigani

GDFL Record (8/7/2017)

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